9 Reasons Why To Choose Google Ads (Malaysia)

Google Adwords or SEO (In Malaysia)?

One of the most common questions for digital marketing consultant Malaysia being asked by the clients is : Which is better ? Google Ads or SEO ? Well, you may consider to choose Google Ads over SEO if you have below concerns:

Malaysia SEO and Google Ads

1. Want To Advertise Urgently ?

Are you urgent to get your ads appear on Google ? If yes, then you should consider Google Ads because SEO normally takes 3-6 months to appear on Google Search Result while Google Ads only takes 1 working day, just pay today and your website will appear tomorrow.

2. Want To Target Specific Audience And Areas ?

If you want to target specific demographic i.e. Age 18-24 and target certain area i.e. Kuala Lumpur, then you should consider Google Ads because SEO could not target specific age group or areas

3. Want To Rank On Top Position ?

If you insist that your website must appear on top ranking, especially top 4 ranking, then you should choose Google Ads. Google Ads has one function called “absolute top of result page” which will make your website rank on the top 4 positions . SEO cannot guarantee your website will be ranked on top 4

4. Want To Advertise For Short Period Of Time ?

If you plan to advertise for short period of time, i.e. 1 month or shorter period such as Holiday Sales, Back to School campaign, New Year Promotion etc.. then it is good to choose Google Ads. SEO is normally target for long-term period.

5. Want To Control The Budget And Keywords ?

Google Ads is charge based on Cost Per Click (CPC), which mean that for every visitors who click the ads and visit your website, you will be charged. The cost of each click may vary depends on the keywords the visitor type. The beauty of the Google Ads is you can set the daily budget, Change targeted keywords any time, start the ads and stop the ads as you wish. You never have to worry your budget will be over-spent or target high-cost keywords.

6. Want To Reach More Audience Beside Google Search Engine ?

Google Ads not only can appear on Google Search Result, but also can appear on 3rd parties websites such as Youtube, Malaysiakini, thestar.com.my, kosmo.com.my and other websites in Malaysia. This is called “Google Display Network” on Google Ads. The advantage of Google Display Network is to reach the people who don’t go to Google Search Engine. As long as they visit 3rd parties website in Malaysia, they have the chance to see your ads.

7. Want To “follow” your visitors  ?

Have you experienced this : You visited a website “A” and left, then you visit other websites such as Youtube or online news portal i.e. malaysiakini.com or Sinchew.com.my, you will be surprised to see that the ads of the “A” website is keep appearing wherever you go…. I bet you experienced this before, right? This is called “Remarketing”.

Remarketing” is very useful in Google Ads because it will “remind” the visitors about your website wherever the visitors go (Whether oversea websites or Malaysia local websites). If you do it properly, it will helps you to target the different group of visitors who visited your website and show them different ads based on the previous products they browsed.

8. Want To Have Detail Report ?

Google Ads have very detail reports on the performance of your ads and keywords. Such as Impressions, Clicks, Click Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate etc.

This can help you to decide which ads or keywords perform well and abort the low performance ads or keywords. Unlike SEO, Google normally won’t diclose which keywords brings traffic to your website unless you have link to Google Search Console. (Still, the statistic is limited)

9. Want More Ads Features ?

Google keeps improving Google Ads all the time. Beside the existing features such as Google Shopping Ads, Map Listing Ads, Ads Extension and etc., In recent Google Marketing Live 2019, Google has revealed there are some new features for Google Ads, such as Gallery Ads. If you would like to test new ads feature, Google Ads is your choice.


Google Ads is an excellent digital marketing platform for you to advertise with limited budget, short period of time, target specific audiences and more. However, it also have some weaknesses compare to SEO. We will discuss this on another topic.
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