About Our SEO Services

SEO Services In Malaysia

We are a group of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) specialists in Malaysia since year 2002.   Some of our group members have been invited By MIMOS (in year 2002) to explore topic on Internet Marketing and also invited by Exporter Club to give speech at MATRADE (in year 2005) , the co-speaker include  Country Consultant from Google Inc,   Globalsources.com and Ebay.com

We have helped hundreds of clients to achieve better ranking in search engine and more importantly, increase their traffics and leads. Many of them successfully get more traffic and close more than millions of sales because of our SEO efforts.

Why do you need SEO ?

In short, To get better ranking in Search Engines, especially Google, so that you can get more traffics and later convert to leads.

But it is not a simple task. 12 years ago, you can easily get higher ranking in search engines if you know how to do keyword stuffing (put more keywords everywhere in the content), Meta Tag manipulation (add more keywords on title tag, keyword tag or description tag ) or get tons of backlinks (spammy links to your website). However, the game was changed over a night after Google introduced his two major algorithm updates, code name “Google Panda” in February 2011 and “Goole Penguin” in April 2012.

Google Panda aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, while “Google Penguin” aimed to lower the rank of the websites with spammy backlinks. The websites with keywords stuffing, title tag manipulation or bad backlinks were dramatically dropped to nowhere after Google introduce these 2 major algorithm updated.

Why should you choose us as your SEO services provider in Malaysia ?

We saw too many failed projects by other so-called “SEO experts”, They are still using old-school methods to SEO for your website. Well, old-school is not sin, but the problem is it is somehow outdated. Some even worse by adopting “blackhat” SEO (forbidden SEO techniques that Google banned) such as URL cloaking, Doorway page or hidden text.

We dare not to say that we can achieve 100% success rate, but so far as long as the client willing to give 100% co-operation with us, such as content modification, website structure changes and etc, we are able to achieve better ranking.

Honestly, You may choose not to pick our company, but please make sure the SEO company that you pick is aiming to get better User Experiences in first place, not the better ranking.