How To Choose SEO Services Consultant Malaysia


1. Why Choosing A Right SEO Services Consultant Is Important ?

Anyone can easily claim they are professional SEO consultant, as long as they have some knowledge on how to optimize a website. However, there are too many so called “SEO Services consultant” in Malaysia , regardless of freelancer or established firm, doesn’t has the solid experiences on SEO. Most of them are merely know some tactics on how to optimize a website with Title Tag, Meta Tag, build backlinks and oops, that’s all !

Malaysia SEO consultant-girl

2. So What SEO Consultant In Malaysia Should Know ?

As mentioned on our SEO homepage, the most important element for SEO is “user experiences”. So a good SEO consultant in Malaysia shall able to guide you how to make a website to have “better user experiences”. However, some user experiences are measurable, such as page speed test or mobile friendly test, but some are not. A good SEO consultant Malaysia shall able to help your website to get better user experiences. You shall ask the SEO consultant with below questions :

Malaysia SEO consultant and User Experiences

3. Does The SEO Consultant Has The Knowledge Of Web Design ?

Web Design plays an important role in SEO. An experienced Malaysia SEO Consultant should also know how to make a website to get better user experiences and SEO friendly. For example, A website with breadcrumb, proper page structure, balance of pictures and text content and etc.. are the positive signal to Google. It helps not only for better ranking, but also make the user easier to navigate, browse more webpages and willing to re-visit. Consequently, increase user experiences

Web Design MAlaysia

4. Does The SEO Consultant Know To Build Content ?

Build more content, content is king, we all know it. But the next question that seldom people ask is : how accurate and trustworthy is your content ? In September 2018, Google announced the famous “E-A-T” (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) algorithm updated which hit many of the so-called “YMYL” (Your Money Your Life) websites. If your website’s content is low in accuracy, not endorsed by authority and so on, then it will hurt the user experiences, and eventually, hurt the ranking.  So A good Malaysia SEO Consultant Shall abe to belp you build E-A-T Website.

Content Management For SEO

5. Does The SEO Service Consultant/ SEO Company Has Proven Track Record ?

Track Record is important. If you are engaging a Malaysia SEO service consultant/ SEO company, you should ask the SEO service consultant/ SEO company is there any similar industry / products/client they did SEO before ? What is the result ? Does the client still engage with the SEO service consultant/ SEO Company ? if not ? why not ? Could he/she provides you the contact person as references etc…  This could helps to know whether the SEO service consultant/ SEO Company is over-promised or not.

Client References Track Record SEO Malaysia

6. Does The SEO Service Consultant Understand Your Industry ?

Every industry is different. A successful SEO case in other industry cannot 100% guarantee will get the same good result in your industry. So it is important that the Malaysia SEO service consultant know your industry, giving some useful industry related information for SEO, and have ideas to increase user experiences for your industry products/services. 

Different job and industry in Malaysia


A good Malaysia SEO Services consultant should not only have SEO technique, but also have the knowledge of web design, know how to make content accuracy, proven past track record and know your industry well. By knowing this, they shall be able to help your website to get better ranking, and more importantly, getting better user experiences.

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