FAQ For Google Page Speed Test
FAQ For Google Page Speed Test

Do you know what is Google Page Speed Test? Do you know that it will affect SEO?

What is Google Page Speed Test ?

Google Page speed test is a tool that allow user to type the website URL and check the page speed score of the said URL.

Does Google Page Speed Test Affect Ranking In Google?

Yes and No. Google has officially announced that one of its algorithm’s factors to rank website is fast loading pages, However, Google Page Speed Test is not the ultimate tool to judge the speed of the website.

How To Test Page Speed?

Simply goto https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ and type in your website URL.

After run the test, you shall see there are the scores for your website , in mobile version and desktop version. Just click it and you shall get 2 different score for your mobile speed and desktop speed.

What To Do If My Score Is Low?

You should able to see the results point out what are the problems encounters in your website and how to fix them. Just ask your web developer or SEO provider to follow the recommendations opportunities (similiar to below) to fix the page loading problems.

Am I possible to get 100% score after I fixed the problems?

Not Really. So far we don’t see any website can score 100% marks. Google periodically add new elements to this Page Speed Tools to judge a webpage’s speed. Even Google is also unable to score 100%.

So just relax if your page speed is not score 100%. 😆


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